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Shanghai City - San Diego (long)

KirkK | Jan 28, 200211:02 AM

Well ,with Spicy City closed (since re-opened - so you can still go Buddha), we decided to try somewhere new. Emerald crossed our minds, but not wanting to spend that amount of money we decided to head to Shanghai City on Convoy.
We were pleasantly surprised, the prices are really good, and the service, though slow, is adequate. The food is well worth the price, and some of it is indeed excellent. Please remember, economies of scale, you don't get Dom Perignon for Budweiser prices.
Our first meal consisted of Dry-Cooked Green Beans, Tea-smoked duck, Sauteed Fish Fillet(actually in a pseudo brwn sauce) - the beans were cooked perfectly, an interesting (and Shanghainese touch) was the sprinkling of sweet dark soy on the beans. The duck was heavenly. And the fish was cooked perfectly as well. Please note that all of these items were ordered off the "Chinese" menu. The given language is Mandarin, not Cantonese, so this should be a clue as to ordering. We lucked out since my wife speaks only Mandarin. Since then we've been back about 6 times in two weeks. and have has the follwing excellent dishes:
- The pepper beef was cooked to perfection. Though my wife hesitated to order this since it was not on the Chinese menu, it seems that most beef dishes there are really good.
- There is an Eel and noodle dish that is only on the weekend menu that my wife loves, I'm not quite sure of the name of it, she has a hard time translating it to English. This is a Shanghainese specialty - I'm sure someone who reads this will know what it's called.
- I love the Cho Do-Fu - smelly tofu. This is the only place where I can eat it.
- The smoked fish appetizer is wonderful - you eat it small bones and all. The only thing with this is that it is one of the smaller "portions" served.
- The steamed pao is pretty good as well.

We noticed this past Sunday that at least 4 of the families were ordering Crab - it was a posted special on the board, so we'll try that next time.

Stay away from the Jellyfish and the Szechaun "Husbands and Wives".

A few notes:
There is a Chinese and and English menu - so it's recommended to go with someone who reads the lingo.
You know you're not going to get the Chinese menu if they bring you Won Ton chips and sweet and sour sauce when you sit instead of pickled cabbage(I love this stuff).
There is a special 9pm menu and special weekend menus with really (3.75-4.25) special or discounted dishes (such as the Cho Do-Fu). There is also a grease board with posted specials, in Chinese of course.
So give it a try........might be worthwhile, and the prices are really not that bad (Tea Smoked Duck $7.90)
I'd like to see what other experiences are...

Good Eating....

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