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Setting up user name

vanilla | Jun 28, 2006 11:32 PM

I have been having a horrible time setting up my "name"--just about gave up till now. The problem now is that every time I tried to set one up there was a problem and I had to make up a new name. This name is not the name I have been using for the past year. How do I get it back? I think I set it up but as my user name was available:


at the time a few days ago but I can't get back to it. Something weird on the password issue. And when I try to use it again, it tells me it's taken. Yeah, by me but I can't access it.

I am ready to give up chowhound or whatever you call the site. I don't really want to use any other name. I could understand if someone else had it but I think I am the other eve but with the messed up password (btw-I asked for help via email--never got a response-tried a few times).

Can you help?

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