Not About Food 208

Server Pet Peeves?

cheeseguysgirl | Apr 29, 200805:35 PM

Here's my most recent pet peeve. When I go out to eat, I almost always have leftovers. Portion sizes are huge these days, even at my favorite upscale restaurants, and the way CG and I eat, I'd rather taste from several different dishes and take home leftovers than only be able to eat two dishes between us and finish the plates.

The last several times, when the server has boxed up my food, they have not boxed up the entire plate. They leave the delicious sauce, put in only half the eggroll, whatever. It's getting to the point that I am going to return to boxing up my own food-- which I know would make my grandmother very proud, since she has it in her mind that once the food leaves your sight, all manner of horror could befall it.

Why is this? What are your experiences?

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