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Serendipity not always about food- Boston Street F&W


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Serendipity not always about food- Boston Street F&W

baltimorejim | Jul 9, 2012 09:02 PM

What a serendipitous day.

Settled on a house in Woodberry. It is not unusual for new houses to establish new routes and changes in my routine. No keys at settlement. When I called the owner provided me with the name of his former mother in law so that I could pick up the key locally rather than have it mailed. I instantly thought "uh oh what family dynamics am I getting myself into?"

Only to discover when I picked up the keys I was dealing with the matriarch and master gardener of the neighborhood. Her son had recently renovated her house and she proudly showed me the perfect things to do to the identical house I had just purchased.

I went into the basement of the house and upon reclimbing the basement stairs bumped my head at the low bridge coming up from the basement. I was careful to alert my taller electrician to note the low bridge and later descended to the basement once more myself.

Well then I forgot my own advice and upon reascending cracked my head with copious results on the beam I had warned my electrician about. I staggered from the house with blood flowing and of course nothing to stop it, although, since it was on top of my head I could not see it.

Another neighbor came to my rescue and invited me in for clean up and repairs. He said he knew exactly where I cracked my head since he lived in the same house thirty years ago and had the same experience many times over. I decided i did not require stitches and my wife and I applied a band aid and we proceeded to head downtown.

I carefully searched my iphone to discover if I should head for the ER or dinner. According to the sources I brought up it was a toss up. I knew that my RN friend Fran would tell me "Doc in the Box" but I decided to chance it and figure that if this is my last meal what will it be?

We prepared enough in advance to bring a bottle of wine in case we decided to go to Samos where I had recently heard (Chowhound) there was a presentable crabcake (uh oh- not homemade- how can that be?). Who knew? If we could not get into Samos we could always go to our favorite, Zorbas, for grilled fish.

As we proceeded along Aliceanna Street I mentioned that I had heard Fork and Wrench was good but that it was newly popular but I doubted we could get in. (Tuesday 7 PM)

Since Boston Street was on our route we pulled up in front of Fork and Wrench and went in to check the menu. It looked good with a moderately priced wine and cocktail list and they had a two top available.

Fickle us we abandoned our journey to Greektown and settled in at F&W. I noticed that the decor hit many hot buttons including industrial chic with a hint of steam punk and the creation of a look in two years that has taken 30 years for my wife and I to produce in our house ;) Oh and they also included Pikesville rye in one of the cocktails with ginger syrup--excellent.

The waiter described an appetizer special of melon with breseola (beef prosciutto) mint and feta. We ordered it. It was about 8 or 9 large dice of cantelope with the breseola slivers and mint slivers sprinkled over the melon along with half pea size bits of feta. It was delicious with the mint providing a counterpoint to the sweet melon and the salty feta.

We shared the seared magret duck breast with mushroom faro "risotto", brown butter carrots, pea tendrils and duck jus. The pea tendrils were missing but the dish was quite flavorful.

We also shared the "scallops with chilled pea panna cotta, watermelon radish chip, and meyer lemon". Fresh fragrant dill garnished the dish. I must admit I admire those of you who can recall the menu description while enjoying a dish. I suspect that the watermelon radish chip may have been the silver dollar sized pancakes under the delicious perfectly cooked scallops but will welcome anyone who corrects me on this.

The two entrees we enjoyed were $19 and $17, the app was $7! Perhaps introductory prices? Many wines were in the $25 to $32 range . Last meal? Great food great value.

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