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September 2007 - Grocery Outlet


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September 2007 - Grocery Outlet

rworange | Aug 31, 2007 05:02 PM

The deal for me is the $3.99 Chateau les Gravettes boxed 2002 Bordeaux (5 liters) from France

To me it is the best boxed wine I've had to date and than includes Black Box. The box is all in French. There is an English box by the same company that is labelled Bordeaux Merlot. Not sure if this is the same wine just with English packaging.

Beer is big currently. All the following are 6 bottles for $3.99

SLO Brewing Company (blueberry, extra Pale Ale, Amber ale)
Ringwood Brewery Old Thumper ale
Stite (amber red, golden pilsner, light lager)
Autentica Clara Cerveza – Guatemala
Baja = Guatemala
Cintra Brazilian Beer (Skip it. Not very carbonated and flat tasting)

Other beer deals
Henry Weinhard 12 cans $6.99
Coors 5 liter mini keg $7.99

In other areas

Froodia bars - $2.99 for 12 (usual retails for $15 - $25). Cherry is best
Watermelon $3.99 (report that it is good)
Del Monte sliced pineapple 3 for $1
Del Monte canned vegetables 2 for $1
Russel Stover 12 oz candy box $3.99
Hershey's Pot of Gold $3.99

Scary looking natural chicken broth 59 cents.

On the latter, the can is all Chinese with English labels slapped on. I started to worry after buying it that it might have been made in China ... Nope ... one of the few English words on the original label is "Product of the USA". It is by Swanson, made in NJ and better than the average canned broth.

I've had some meetings in Oakland this week and was checking out the Oakland Grocery Outlet. It is a nice large store that also sells refrigerated beer and wine which is a nice feature.

They also sell hard liquor. Most of it is by a company called Potters ... gin, rum, vodka, scotch and liquors like amaretto, mudslides, triple sec, etc. They had some Han Soju. I don't buy hard liquor often enough to know if the price or quality is good.

Another nice thing about the Oakland GO is the nearby street vendors

What's Up Dog cart

Taqueria Barajitos Taco Truck

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