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"Sell the sizzle" or "I ate there as a kid."


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"Sell the sizzle" or "I ate there as a kid."

Florida Hound | Nov 25, 2012 06:34 AM

Several folks on another thread have been commenting on the passing of a Nathan's hot dog restaurant in Yonkers, NY, and the posters seem to fall into 2 camps: 1. Its just the hot dogs and fries that matter and 2. Its the memories, the community history, that was just as important. I was in the latter group, and got to thinking it might make an interesting thread in itself:

What are the non-food aspects of a restaurant or fast-food location that can be important?
I started a list, and challenge others to add to the list.

1. The view from the restaurant
2. The decor
3. Friendly staff or "I know everybody that works there"
4. "Its close to the office."
5. I went there as a kid/ I played there as a kid/ we always hung out in the parking lot...
6. "I don't know. Its just where my crowd goes at 7:30."
7. "I asked my wife to marry me in the booth over in the corner. It our place, if you know what I mean."
8. "It wouldn't be football season if I didn't go with the guys to [- - -] to watch the game."
9. Famous people have eaten there.

An old advertising training slogan is "sell the sizzle, not the steak." Madison Avenue knows there is a lot going on in addition to the product, in this case, more going on than the food or the meal.
What would your "sizzle" list consist of?

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