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I'm seeking the ultimate chocolate truffle recipe


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I'm seeking the ultimate chocolate truffle recipe

La Dolce Vita | Jul 28, 2005 05:36 PM

I never thought I'd get to the point of wanting to make my own chocolate trufffles, but the discussion on the General Topics board about truffles has me now obsessed with the darn things.

I'm looking for the ultimate chocolate truffle recipe, something that is spectacular on it's own, but that will allow me to add whatever flavorings I want (i.e., raspberry, praline paste, espresso, etc.)

I have a recipe by Francois Payard from his book, "Simply Sensational Desserts." The recipe calls for heavy cream, chocolate and corn syrup. Okay, so it's basically a ganache with corn syrup. I know corn syrup is a common ingredient in candy, but I'm shying away from it in a truffle--somehow, corn syrup seems impure and a bit down-market for such a sublime confection.

I'm looking for a recipe that will give me the freshes, creamiest, best-mouthfeel truffle ever, even if it means the truffle will not keep after 3 days (which is what Lindt claims about the truffles it sells in Zurich--supposedly the cream that goes into them is so fresh, the truffles don't keep very long.)

I'm thinking I'll just freeze whatever truffles are left after the first day or so.

I'd be happy if somebody would just mention a cookbook or two with a great recipe. I have lots of experience baking and some experience making candy, so tempering chocolate and making ganache does not scare me at all.

I was looking at Robert Linxe's book, "La Maison du Chocolate" on amazon.com. It looks like it might be a promsing place to start. Does anybody have experience with the book?

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