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Iron Frank | Aug 4, 2002 01:21 AM

Not the brand SBC but a roundup of coffee sampling results from our recent trip yielded a couple of perfect cups.

Espresso Vivace we sampled both the roasteria and the stand. The cappucino is definitely the thing to get here as the coffee is pure and very strong and the foamed milk tempers its furious flavor nicely. They even swirl the milk into a beautiful leaf pattern in your cup. There's a whole pictorial wall of fame of different workers versions of this decorative flourish. Espresso was Turkish style with way too many grounds. The Americano was better than anything east of the Mississippi but I think Seattle might have some better cups lurking around.

Our favorite Americano was at TNT in Capitol Hill.
It was strong, deep, rich and perfectly balanced. If we had stands like this in NY my thirty year streak of lethargy might finally come to an end.

A stand on the way to Vancouver near Bellingham with a Hawaiian theme (Wava Java maybe) produced a very nice soy cappucino. The soy milk sweetened things up nicely and the coffee was strong enough to still shine through.

The original Starbucks near Pikes was fresher and less expensive than NY Starbucks but was still just one note compared to the other caffeine symphonies I'd sipped around town.
Next time trip we'll try Industrial, Zeitgeist, and Joe's. Thanks Seattle for teaching me how coffee should be made.


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