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Have I seasoned my wok successfully?

Jazrotorman | Jan 29, 201203:43 AM

After getting sick of non stick woks sticking, I purchased a carbon steel wok from a great Chinese ingredient shop in Leith, Edinburgh.
It was one of these: http://www.londonwok.com/acatalog/inf...

I seasoned it yesterday using this method:

I took a steel wool and some cream cleanser (E.g the equivalent of Jif) and gave it a good scrub to get rid of the anti rust oil from the factory.

With the windows open I heated oil (cheap vegetable oil from the supermarket) in the wok on the gas stove top, swirling it around and holding the wok on an angle etc until it was a consistent black.

I then wiped off the oil and repeated the process with fresh oil.

I then wiped off that oil and put fresh oil in and stir fried some chives.

It now looks uneven to me and a little flaky. I can flake bits of black stuff off with my Iron wok spatula.

I haven't tried stir frying in it yet. Does it look like I have started the seasoning process off correctly or do I need to start again? I know from reading on this forum that the process is an ongoing one and can take months to establish a good patina but I want to make sure I am starting off on the right foot.


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