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Searing meat in nonstick pan


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Searing meat in nonstick pan

sweetpotater | Jul 25, 2013 09:50 AM

I was taught to avoid nonstick pans for searing because you couldn't get the meat browned. So I sear meat in my All-Clad 2-qt. straight-sided saute pan or, if it's destined for a braise, my Le Creuset dutch oven. The saute pan especially can lead to burning, excessive mess to scrape up (beyond what I want for a fond), etc.

Then last week I attended a cooking demonstration where meatballs were seared in a nonstick skillet before being finished in the oven. They browned nicely—and the pan looked easy to clean—making me rethink this supposed rule. Would it be impossible to get fond from a nonstick pan? Would it be a good choice if I was *just* searing and didn't need to make a pan sauce/braise/whatever?

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