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Seabrook Waffle Company

brucesw | Aug 28, 201504:32 PM

I went to the Sunday brunch at Cafe Brussels recently. I enjoyed the Toast Canibale and Mussels Mariniere but was a little disappointed in the Classic Brussels Waffle with Strawberries and Whipped Cream I had for dessert. All I had to compare it to were the Belgian Waffles I used to buy at Sam's Club. I got to looking into this and discovered the Belgian Waffle is actually an American creation, although they're served now in Belgium since it's what tourists expect.

But they do like waffles in Belgium and besides the Brussels waffle a popular type is the Liege waffle, from the city of the same name. And that's what Seabrook Waffle Company specializes in.

I wanted to get out of Dodge for a while today so I took a little mini-road trip down to Seabrook.

This is not a Mom and Pop Waffle House clone and the waffles are unlike any I've ever had before. A Liege waffle is made from a brioche-like bread dough. They are somewhat irregular since the dough does not get into all the corners of the waffle iron like a batter does. And the dough includes pearl sugar which is supposed to crystallize and caramelize as the dough cooks.

They will explain all this to you and show you the pearl sugar if they detect you're a newbie, so you won't be too surprised by what you get.

I think the menu has been updated a bit from what is online; there's a pretty good balance of sweet and savory concoctions. I was pretty hungry by the time I got there so I went for one of the sandwich waffles, the Monte Cristo.

On top of the waffle is a slice of Swiss, then slices of turkey breast and ham, then more cheese, topped with warm raspberry preserves (with some bacon bits I think). The online menu said there would be some spicy brown mustard but I didn't detect that.

This was pretty good, better than I expected to find, and it was a fun little trip.

There are a few tables inside but many more on a deck and in the front yard.

I also got a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, just to make sure I had enough sugar intake for the day; it was a little on the weak side.

SBC is located directly behind the Dairy Queen just north of the bridge on 146 in Seabrook.

Prices have gone up a bit from those shown online. My Monte Cristo was $7.95 and the Cafe Sua da $4.25 I think.


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