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What goes well with scotch - take 2

CA Scotch Chick | Jun 4, 200810:47 AM

The question regarding drink pairing with Indian food and the question about scotch, cigars and food got us started thinking. So, we are going to tackle the issue in our blog. While there are a lot of fantastic suggestions below, we were wondering what you think about the Ranger's interesting point regarding styles of single malt and food pairings. Do you match the flavors, use the sweet to compliment the smoky and vice versa, or do you just sip and sample indiscriminately?

So here is our question, given that food when paired with a fine single malt must have enough strength of character to compliment it rather than be overwhelmed by it, what are your favorite foods, and, if applicable, pairings with scotches? Feel free to chime in, even if you wrote below.

The Scotch Chix

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