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Save the Mammoth Orange


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Save the Mammoth Orange

Stanley Stephan | May 18, 2002 01:01 AM

There were 100's of these orange shaped hamburger stands in California at one time. Now there is one and it may soon be no more. You don't have to live in Chowchilla....California...or the US to help.

See the article in the SF Chronicle (the picture below doesn't show the orange-shaped interior).

Owner Doris Stiggins uses top quality ingredients and turns out the classic American hamburger. I ordered a large orange juice $2.85. Oranges were pulled from a bag, sliced in front of me and juiced as I watched. This is a mammoth juice...think McDonald's super size. Definitely the extra pulp version of the juice.

The fries are fresh cut, irregular shaped...think In-n-Out burger. They ask if you want them salted.

And a big beautiful juicy burger. Nothing's changed since 1954 including the white paper bags that hold the fries and the paper carton that holds everything.

But the Highway is being widened and Cal Trans is trying to decide what to do. Doris wants to stay where she is and not have the place turned into a museum (and really, if you see the place, it's a hamburger stand, ferheavenssake, who's going to go see an empty hamburger stand museum?)

Doris has started a petition. So far about 2000 people have signed. People from all over the world.

My question to the Chowhound team...can I publish the address of where to send a letter of support for Doris?

If not, if you are on your way to Yosemite via highway 99, stop by while you can. If you miss it, there's always a McDonald's at the next exit.



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