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San Jose Viet Lunch Group goes to Nha Toi

Alice Patis | Aug 16, 200611:03 PM     16

Nine of us enjoyed a northern vietnamese lunch today at Nha Toi in San Jose. Here is list of dishes and prices, with photos from Carb Lover coming soon.

Goi Be Thui – Raw Beef (Veal?) Salad coated with toasted rice powder in a lemon fish sauce dressing, $8.95
Nom Du Du Bo Kho – Green Papaya Salad with beef jerky, served with soy vinegar chile sauce, $6.95
Nom Rau Muong – Mixed water spinach salad with "poor man's jellyfish" (pork skin shreds), $7.95

Bun Cha Nha Toi – Grilled pork Hanoi style with greens and noodles, 2 orders, $7.95 each
Mam Tom with Thit Luoc Heo – Poached pork belly with herbs & noodles and rice paper for wrapping, $8.95

Cua Rang Me – Dungeness Crab in tamarind sauce, $18.95

Mam Ruoc Hue Xao Xa Ot Thit Heo – Minced pork in mam ruoc, lemongrass & chiles $8.95
Ca Nuc Kho Mia – Mackerel braised in sugarcane sauce, $8.95
Canh Cha Ca Thia La – Soup with fish patties, tomatoes & dill, $7.95
Com Chien Ca Man – Fried rice with dried salted fish, $7.95
Com Chay – Crispy rice, 3 orders, $4.50 each

For dessert we were comped small bowls of sticky rice with sweet beans and coconut milk.

I forgot to ask the owner what is in mam ruoc, so I'm sorry I can't translate that dish very well. I put the discussion of what is mam ruoc in the General Board so go here if you want to discuss mam ruoc:

I'll let others chime in before I post my thoughts, but I want to note that the Bun Cha Nha Toi was not wholly authentic Hanoi street-style of Bun Cha. The bowl had only 2 small grilled pork patties (actually meatballs, not patties), buried under pieces of grilled pork meat, and the "broth" tasted like it was just sweet nuoc cham dressing, not broth with fish sauce. The greens accompanying it though, were authentic: shredded curls of water spinach stems, rice noodles, purple shiso, mint. Though it should've been hung cay (a spicy peppermint) instead of spearmint. Ok so the greens weren't wholly authentic. Nitpicking over. (PS- but it tasted good!)

Nha Toi Restaurant
480 E. William St. (btw 10th and 11th Streets)
San Jose, CA
(408) 294-2733

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