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The sad state of restaurant service-a rant


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The sad state of restaurant service-a rant

michel | May 1, 2002 02:21 AM

What the hell is happening to the level of service and servers in local restaurants? In the past 3 weeks, I have had 4 abysmal experiences.
Two of these occured at my once favorite Mexican place in Leesburg the Del Rio. The first occured when the front man failed to put in a carry out order I had called in a half hour prior to arriving.Instead of taking responsibility he told me it would be just a minute-which turned into 35 of them. When I confronted him about the time, he fessed up to his error, but offered no apologies, only silence. The second was once again over a carry out-this one was an argument with the manager about how I wanted my carry out packaged-fried food separate from goopy food-to which he replied " The cook wont like that" Frankly my dear, I don't give a shit. When a restaurant starts paying me to eat there, then they can give me the food on a manhole cover, but until that time I want my food delivered the way I WANT IT. When I pressed my culinary point, the manager walked away from me and I walked out-for good.
The other experiences occured in Pargos and Ruby Tuesday in Winchester. At Pargos it was a double whammy-potato soup with potato glaciers, and potato soup with hair. The waitress was such a twit she bought back the same soup I had sent to the kitchen. It took the manager 10 minutes to come to our table to hear our complaints. To his credit, he did try to make things right, but we just couldn't get past the unexpected ingredient in our soup or the waitress trying to pass off the same bowl of potato glacier as new.
Our experience at Tuesdays was essentially a case of sloppy, inattentive service.The place was not busy, but the order took 40 minutes to get to us. The waitress totally disappeared after the slow service and we had to ask 3 peoiple to get her so we could pay the check.While we were trying to eat one of the floor people actually asked me to move my feet so he could run the sweeper under our table. My digestive juices are still in an uproar with post restaurant rage.
I have been in the food industry for 15 years and believe that for the most part the proliferation of the food chains have contributed greatly to the lack of knowledge of service and pride in work. The training is light-can you spell burger-and the turnover is heavy. How many times have you heard "We're short handed tonight"? Staffs know that they can always get a job at the next chain right around the corner, so pride in a job well done is supplanted by mediocrity on the move.
To often we put up with sloppy service, lousy food, and attitude on the part of those who are getting paid to serve us.Are we masochists? Do we check our brains along with our coats? Do we not get enough abuse in our respective homes and jobs that we actually pay someone to abuse us in our leisure hours? Rage against the machine people. Bacon not crisp enough-send it back. Eggs to runny-dump em. Steak ordered medium comes out mooing-demand a new one, not that one warmed over.Remember-your paying these people their not paying you. We do ourselves a disservice when we put up with culinary caca. Most importantly we lower a bar that is already so low, a crepe couldn't limbo under it!

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