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Rotisserie chicken virgin

Ttrockwood | Jul 7, 2014 02:15 PM

So. I'm a vegetarian and my very dear friend has asked I pick up and bring a rotisserie chicken to a very informal get together the two of us are having at her place. Not my favorite idea but she won't be able to.

I've never bought one before!! I have to go to whole foods in the morning anyhow and I **think** that the chickens are still hot/warm when you buy them...? I figure I can ask the counter guy to pick me a good one...

So if I buy it at like 10am and don't want to make everyone ill, do I put it in the fridge when I get home? Even if its still warm?? Or let it sit on the counter until it cools off some? (Ugh- will my apartment smell like chicken?!?)
Trying to avoid a second trip to the store when I'm on my way to her place....


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