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Roche Brothers Supermarket Shopping Cart Etiquette


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Roche Brothers Supermarket Shopping Cart Etiquette

Dave M.P. | Dec 19, 2004 02:36 PM

I often shop at Roche Brothers in West Roxbury, which is a great store (good produce especially). When you check out with a shopping cart full of groceries, they often ask if you want them to push the cart to your car for you. I generally do not need this extra help, and decline. I decline because I don't need anyone to push the cart for me (I am young and strong, and can usually carry the bags without even using the cart), and also because I do not want to spend extra money for a tip (I have seen other people give tips, and I have the feeling that this is what is expected). The other day, I really had to work at convincing the lady that I didn't need help. Am I breaking some Roche Brothers rule by pushing my own cart or carrying my bags of groceries to my car? What are other people's experiences here? Am I right that a tip is appropriate after someone pushes your cart to your car for you? Thanks for the help...

Dave M.P.

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