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Robert Mondavi Cab Oakville - Bottle 1 Fabulous, Bottle 2 Not

danna | Jan 5, 201012:03 PM

$40 is a splurge for me. I know not to buy California Cab in my normal price range ($15-$20), but having had this a few years ago, I bought a bottle. I loved it. Full of dark fruit and layers of taste. Some tannin but a smooth, long finish.

So, not knowing when to say when, I was in the same store two weeks later and bought another bottle out of the same bin. It was just not the same. i didn't taste all that fruit. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't anything interesting and it had a bit of harshness on the finish. If I had paid $10 for it I wouldn't have bought it again. I wound up pouring the last of it in tomato sauce a few days ago.

The "blah" bottle was a 2005...and I ASSUME the good bottle was too...although i suppose it could have been 2006...but I just don't remember. I wouldn't expect the store (Whole Foods) to have two different vintages in the same bin.

So, do you think it was corked and I just can't detect it? I can't think of any other reason for two bottles living side by side to be so different 2 weeks apart. Thanks for the continuing education!

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