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IN-N-OUT Road Kill Fries

demonviper | Oct 23, 2013 11:16 PM

A Couple years ago Maxim published the In-N-Out Menu Decoded ( and in the article it has something called Road Kill Fries.

Road Kill.
Animal-style fries with chopped patty, ketchup.

Sounds good right? But I found out the hard way that these don't exist one night I had the munchies.

Here is a video of me trying to order it:

In-N-Out also confirmed this to me in an answer on their Facebook Page, telling me that Road Kill Fries was never on their menu and they will not put it together.

So either Maxim went by some BS that someone told them or people who have friends who work at In-N-Out had them them make this for them and they Christened them "Road Kill Fries".

Attention In-N-Out: If you are reading this, yes there is a demand for it why don't you add it to your menu. PLEASE, even if I am the only one demanding it, PLEASE!!! Please don't make me have to order Animal Fries and a Hamburger, just to take the patty out of my hamburger, chop it up and put it over my Animal Fries. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, cut out that extra step for me and do it for me.

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