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Risking my reputation--comment on Juicy Fruit!


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Risking my reputation--comment on Juicy Fruit!

Fine | Dec 9, 2002 11:17 PM

Many years ago I gave up the evil weed (tobacco) but developed the embarrassing habit of (in the privacy of my home, of course!) chewing gum while I read or watched a flick after dinner. My favorite was Wrigley's venerable Juicy Fruit.

Following in the foolhardy footsteps of Classic Coke, the company has changed not only the wrapping design and logo but the familiar flavor as well, increasing the carb/sugar content by 50% and adding something called Aspartame along with "Sucralose," while eliminating Dextrose. Not only does the new product taste vile--sort of bitter and chemical-like--but it's also got a disgusting, soft texture.

Anyone who shares my fondness for this product and agrees with my horror at the change should do as I did and contact Wrigley's and complain bitterly (pun intended). You don't have to reveal your secret vice here.

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