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Returning produce to the supermarket because of a sale?

Erika RollerGirl | Nov 7, 201306:15 AM

On Tuesday I purchased 7 organic apples for a whopping $16 (including tax) from my local Harris Teeter supermarket. I was appalled by the price but I was out and went to the store specifically to purchase them.

The next day, the store's sale flyer came out and wouldn't you know it, organic apples went on sale for $1 less per pound (I paid approximately $3/pound).

In addition, when I bought them, the apples at the store were picked over and sad but I choose the best of the lot. I've now consumed two apples which were grainy and not the best.

Do I bring my remaining apples back to the store to return them and purchase new apples (of hopefully better quality)? Or do I suck it up and just chalk it up to a life lesson learned? I'm honestly not sure what to do here because I'm not a big fan of returns but I feel ripped off.

Have you ever returned produce to a grocery store (not Trader Joe's as I know they're cool with returning anything at any point)?

(Yes, I know there are other threads out there from ages ago but they don't specifically address the issue of items going on sale nor do they address produce specifically.) Thanks in advance for your input!

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