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Return visit to London (researched!!)

indiefoodie | Mar 31, 201512:16 PM     13


I'll be visiting London the last week of April. I had a great time there last year (report - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9811...). My fav meal was Ledbury and I liked Dishoom, Harp, Nighjar and Bread Ahead@Borough Market a lot. I've come up with a list of places that I would like to visit this time. I would appreciate some help in narrowing down the places and get some advice on filling in the missing pieces. I feel that I've gone overboard with high end places and need to replace them with some casual places.

I live in NYC and will be visiting Paris after London so I would prefer to try things that London does better than those places.

I'll be living near Liverpool Street Station and working around Finsbury Square Garden.

- St. John Bread & Wine for a Bacon sandwich (or Nigerian@805 or Malaysian?)
- Square

- Tea@Brown's
- Mohsen for Persian food

- Gymkhana or Trishna or Cafe Spice Namaste (which one to pick?)

- Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

- Hedone

- Fera@Claridges (Has someone tried Aquavit in NYC? Are these similar by any chance?)

1. Which one(s) from the above should I drop? I really don't want to do so many long, fancy meals in such a short period of time.

2. It seems like London does Malaysian food better than NYC. Any suggestions on where to go? I found references to Sedap but they were not very recent.

3. African - I haven't had a lot of Senegalese, Nigerian or Ghanian food. I read that 805 is good for Nigerian food. Is that true? Any other places that are a must do?

4. Lebanese - Chez Abir (formerly Chez Marcelle), Al Waha, Ishbilia or something else?

5. Turkish - Is it that much better than NYC? Also, after Persian and possibly Lebanese, would this be too much of similar stuff in just a week? A place that I read is good is Antepliler.

6. Are there any places around Finsbury Square that are good (esp. for the cuisines listed above). Lunches last year were at chains around that area and not very memorable.

Anything else that anyone would like to suggest? I know that I don't have a proper pub in my list but I had gone to Harwood Arms and Bull & Last last year and do not feel like doing that again. Are there any brilliant dessert places that I could check out?

Thank you!

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