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Restaurant Report - Montgomery, AL area

pretender414 | May 27, 201910:12 AM     6

Not quite a trip report, since we've been here a few months, but here's a quick summary of some good restaurants to try in Montgomery, Alabama and the surrounding area:

Wintzell's Oyster House - Service and quality has been hit or miss, but we still keep coming back for the Chargrilled Oysters. Go for happy hour on Saturday (or during the week) and get them half-priced. If done properly, they are piping hot and have a bit of a crispy edge and are delicious.

Date night restaurants: Central, La Jolla, Vintage Year, City Grill, and Taste are all popular higher end restaurants.

- City Grill is my favorite of the bunch - the menu rotates and we had a really delicious meal (there was a pastry appetizer with figs that was unique and tasty when we went). Dessert was just as good as the meal, which doesn't often happen.

- Central, although really popular, was my least favorite due to the extremely salty chicken I was served. Vintage Year was a good meal, but not very memorable. La Jolla is probably my next favorite of the bunch; the restaurant also rotates menus seasonally.

- Taste is a fun option - it's a wine bar with options for food as well. We went at the tail end of their holiday sale in January and were able to pick up a few bottles of reasonably priced wine. The waiter we had really made the experience memorable, so your mileage may vary with a different server. Still, this is a place I'd recommend for a wine tasting and light dinner.

Dreamland BBQ - Local BBQ chain that's really popular. I don't generally like this style of BBQ, but my husband enjoys it and regularly takes people here.

Cahawba House - Good place downtown for a meat and three lunch. Check their hours before you go. Also open for breakfast.

Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q - Amazing cheese biscuits. The restaurant sells the mix, and it would be a great souvenir/take home item, even if you don't eat here. (The local Wal-marts also sell a smaller bag of the mix.)

Sweet Creek Farm Market - A little out of the way, past the Eastchase area, but a fun farm market (with animals for the kids to see) that also has a small cafe that sells homemade ice cream. Come here in the fall for the apple cider slushie (sweet and tart and pretty much perfect, just from the apples) in the market. They also sell good pie apples with varieties that you can't get in the major supermarkets.

And a little ways to the north.... Uncle Mick's Cajun Market & Cafe in Prattville, AL. Really great place to visit for lunch - the owners greet both newcomers and regulars like old friends. It's cafeteria-style so the food is ready to go. If it's your first time, they make sure you sample as much as you want. My favorite combination is the Pork Tenderloin with Cream and Red Wine Sauce over white rice with green bean and corn machoux with garlic bread, but all the Cajun dishes are popular too (Gumbo, Étouffée, Red Bean & Sausage, etc). The restaurant also has daily specials. Very military-friendly.

Wintzell's Oyster House
La Jolla
Vintage Year
City Grill
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