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Restaurant Alba, who is the idiot


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Restaurant Alba, who is the idiot

Delucacheesemonger | May 28, 2010 08:18 PM

Please give me a vote on who is the idiot here. Went a few times to restaurant Alba in Malvern when they were a BYOB, and always had a lovely meal. Went tonight after they decided to have a bar but still allowed BYOB with corkage. Went with four people and four bottles of wine. Paid the corkage as expected, but when asked for red wine glasses were given pretty junky glasses. We noted that other tables had better glassware, as they did, and were told by staff and owner that these were finer more expensive glasses reserved for those who ordered wines from their list, versus those who brought their own wine as permitted. All of a sudden l was a second class patron and felt f----ed on. Who is right here.owner or me?

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