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Request for technical help

lecortes | Oct 1, 200902:42 PM

Here's my Original Technical help requesr to CHOW's Marisa Rosen
I used to be able to download all your video tips and recipes from your Chow page and keep them in my PC Chow Recipes File
However, lately I don’t get the “Download this video” label and, therefore, I cannot use the information, since when I play the video it acts erratically and may not be Understood at all.
I do not have that problem to download videos from other sources. Please help me to overcome this situation. I usually download to Real Player video Plus.

Here's Reply from CHOW's Marisa Rosen
I am not the technical contact for the site, but I think you should be able to right-click on the video and see an option to save it.
If you still need help, please visit the Site Talk board: http://chowhound.chow.com/boards/30

In the past When I right clicked on the video I used to get the “Download this video” label and was able to save it.. Now I get a lot of options except the possibility to download the video

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