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replacing my Pyrex - trying to figure out what to buy instead!

violet42 | Nov 9, 201111:19 AM

So like an earlier poster, I had a Pyrex explode on me randomly - except that it was the second time this has happened to me with Pyrex in the course of a couple months! I've decided enough is enough and that I'm going to get rid of my Pyrex before someone gets seriously hurt. (And for the record, neither explosion even involved wild temp changes or wet surfaces, which freaks me out even more.)

I'm starting to get more serious about cooking, so what would your recommendations be for replacing the following Pyrex items:

- round 9" pie plates
- 8x8 square pans
- 13x9 pans
- loaf pans

I use the loaf and round pans almost always for baking-only, and I'm not sure whether to replace them with metal bakeware or with stoneware/corningware. I prefer NOT to use nonstick. I like the weight and the quality of nordicware alumimum, but am wary about the safety of cooking with aluminum pans. what would be the best high quality, long lasting option for cooking loaf breads, pies and cakes?

As for the rectangular pans, I use them occasionally for baking cakes/brownies and mostly for roasting vegetables and baking chicken/fish. Should I replace them with two separate sets - metalware for the baking side of things and stoneware/corningware for the roasting needs? I'm talking about roasting chopped up veggies, chicken breasts or fish fillets - not usually a whole chicken. Or is there an option that can also do both?

Also, I have no idea what kind of stoneware to purchase. I really like Le Creuset and Corningware, but I need something that I can use routinely at 400-450 degrees as that's the temp at which I usually bake dinner items. What are your recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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