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RELOCATED - A Call for a Simple and Safe Recipe for Oil-Preserved Veggies.


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RELOCATED - A Call for a Simple and Safe Recipe for Oil-Preserved Veggies.

itzmetempurah | Jan 1, 2011 08:57 AM

*I posted this earlier under LA since I live in LA, but a very friendly Chowhound suggested that I relocate this post. So here it is :D

Dear Chow Members,
I desperately write for a simple recipe of olive oil preserved eggplants, artichokes, and bell peppers. When I was studying** in Italy one year ago I had the most amazing panini filled with just creamy mozzarella, preserved vegetables, some oil and vinegar, and salt and pepper. After having these for a semester, I've become such a food snob and couldn't eat most of the pickled or oil-preserved vegetables at home. Mot importantly as a foodie, I really really want to learn how to make my own vegetable confit/pickles so that I can choose the seasonings I want in each jar. But at the same time, I'm a little scared because even though I pickle my own kosher dills I still cannot dismiss my paranoia of home-case botulism. So please, leave me a link for a great cookbook, blog, youtube, or professional chef's recipe of the mentioned dish. Much appreciated~!

Buon Gusto~!


p.s. Also, I used the word "confit" somewhere...but I don't know if its the accurate name of the dish. So if you know the name of such an oily "pickle" please don't hesitate to let me know~! Grazie mille~!

**While in Rome I ate at a lot of delis, and the each had its own oil-preserved veggie selection, so I can't really give you one exact place. But how is it that the Italians can make oil-preserved veggies and not die from botulism? Or do is it not reported as often?

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