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Relaxing Dinner At Plate

Saturninus | Feb 13, 2006 09:36 AM

Last summer, some friends invited me to have lunch at Plate in Ardmore. I posted about our meal, which was just so-so and wrote about our bizarre server. It seemed like it was his first day on the job when he described the tomato bisque as "90% butter, very fattening".

I thought the whole situation was hilarious - he had obviously just started serving.

Last Saturday, the same friend reccomended we go to Plate for dinner, and although I didn't love our last meal there, I agreed to go.

On the ride there I joked to my SO about our crazy server we had had last summer. Little did we know that when we sat down - the same guy walked over to our table.

We decided to give him the benefit of the doubt - I mean, it's been at least six months - we were sure he had it all figured out, right?

My friend asked him about the chardonay and he told her it was "dry", but he didn't know exactly because he doesn't drink wine. We made our best guesses and ordered our wines anyway and they were good picks.

After our drinks arrived he came by to see if we had any questions about the menu. One of my friends asked if he had any reccomendations. "What kind of food are you in the mood for?" he asked.

"Whatever you reccomend - I can have anything".

Instead of making a reccomendation he got annoyed and said "Do you know what you want or do you want me to come back?"

I told him I had a quick question. I am a vegetarian and didn't see anything on the menu and was wondering if he had a reccomendation. He responded by saying "You don't eat chicken? meat? fish? Do you normally find things you can eat at restaurants?" With that he was off.

At this point our table was giggling. I ordered a salad without chicken and it was fine - well dressed, nice ingredients etc.

It took some time for our sparkling water to arrive (long after the wine we ordered with it came) and he poured our glasses. As he cleared empty wine glasses I asked him if he didn't mind taking my water glass as well to make more room.

"Not if you're going to ask for it back in five minutes" he said.

We all couldn't help but to laugh. Not once throughout the entire meal did we complain to him or orderr anything other than our drinks or food. Maybe he was sick and tired of serving Main Liners at a restaurant. I don't know. But there was no reason for him to take his agression out on some unsuspecting people.

We left him with a ten percent tip. Looks like I will have to avoid this restaurant once again.

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