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hyperbowler | Sep 30, 201411:59 AM     105

The Bay Area's Chinese food scene is evolving. Sichuan and Hunan cuisine continue to gain in popularity and we're finally getting access to foods from Shaanxi, Guilin, and northwestern China.

To help make sense of the diversity of Chinese cuisine available in the Bay Area, this project aims to document restaurants that specialize in a regional Chinese cuisine, or at least have uncommon regional dishes. All together, the Bay Area has close to 200 Chinese restaurants that deviate from the Bay Area's Cantonese and Chinese-American backbone. That includes about twenty regional/ethnic styles that are not Cantonese and six regional/ethnic Cantonese variations.

Just do a search and you'll find lots of in-depth discussions of what characterizes these regional cuisines and/or what dish(es), ingredients, and techniques make each restaurant special. Regions of course don't live in a vacuum, and a chef's pedigree (or menu) says nothing of their skills at making regional dishes. Treat these categories as rough guidance. Note also that menus are often studded with fool's gold that masks a restaurant's specialties, so a little bit of research about a restaurant goes a long way.

Some Cantonese sub-categories are included, but let's focus on Cantonese (i.e., Guangdong) and Hong Kong in other posts since they form the foundation of the Bay Area's Chinese cuisine, and have lots of specialty shops worthy of their own discussions (e.g., dim sum, desserts, meats, etc.).

As of October 2014, the Bay Area has lots of weak spots, both in terms of quality and diversity. There's only a Yunnan or Fujian/Hokkien dish here or there, and nothing from Anhui and various other places. But we can be hopeful--- 2013 and 2014 saw the opening of some international chains (e.g., Hakkasan), a small Guilin noodle place, and several Shaanxi restaurants. In 2015, high profile Chinese restaurants will open in San Francisco, including an Embarcadero Center outlet of Singapore chain "Crystal Jade Jiangnan," George Chen's mixed use "China Live" in Chinatown, Brandon Jew's seasonally focused "Mister Jiu" in Chinatown, and Joshua Skenes and Adam Fleischman’s upcoming SoMa hand-pulled noodle place "Fat Noodle." Lots to come.

Please add new discoveries and let us know if anything has been mis-characterized, especially if a place's menu doesn't reflect the purported region. I'll incorporate revisions into a Version 3.0 of this list when this post becomes unwieldy.

Version 1.0 of this list: http://www.chowhound.com/post/regiona...


= Shaanxi / Xi'an (all have hand-pulled noodles, most have liang pi) =
OK Noodle (Newark)
QQ Noodle (Milpitas, Cupertino) (no liang pi)
Shandong Deluxe (SF Parkside)
Terra Cotta Warrior (SF Outer Sunset)
Thousand Tasty (Milpitas)
Xi'an Gourmet (SF Richmond)

= Shaanxi biang biang noodles =
Imperial Tea Court (Berkeley)

=Shaanxi scissor cut noodles=
M.Y. China (SF Union Square)

= Shanxi knife shaved noodles =
Ancient Szechuan (El Cerrito)
Five Happiness (SF Inner Richmond)
Five Joy (San Mateo)
Sichuan Fusion (Richmond)
Su Hong (Palo Alto, technically an approximation that's hand cut vertically)


Some dishes available at:
OK Noodle (Newark)
Shandong Deluxe (SF Parkside)
Terra Cotta Warrior (SF Outer Sunset)
Xi'an Gourmet (SF Inner Richmond)

= Langzhou hand-pulled noodles (twirled vertically) =
Ark Chinese Restaurant (Alameda)
M.Y. China (SF Union Square)

= Lagman hand-pulled noodles / Xinjiang Ban Mian (yanked sideways) =
Shandong Deluxe (SF Parkside)
House of Pancakes (SF Parkside)

== TIBET ==
Cafe Tibet (Berkeley)
Nomad Tibetan (Berkeley)
Tashi Delek (El Cerrito)
Yongewa Kitchen (Cotati, Sonoma County)

Bamboo Garden (Mountain View)
Chef Xiu (Mountain View)
Dongbei Mama (SF Inner Richmond)
Guan Dong House (Cupertino)
Little Shen Yang (Union City)
Michelle's Pancake House (Cupertino, So-Cal chain)
Sungari Dumpling (SF Excelsior, chef from Liaoning)

= Shenyang =
Made in China (SF Parkside)
China North Dumpling (SF Outer Sunset, dumpling maker and/or owner from Shenyang)

== HUNAN ==
Chef Yu / Hunan Gourmet (Sunnyvale)
Chili Garden Restaurant (Milpitas)
Chili Palace (Milpitas)
Henry Hunan (SF chain/institution with a few Hunan dishes/ham, but mostly Chinese American stir-fries)
Hunan House (SF Chinatown) / Grand Hot Pot Lounge (SF Inner Richmond)
Made in China (SF Parkside)
Noodle Shop/Mao Family Cooking (San Mateo)
Shao Mountain (Fremont; Mountain View)
Wonderful (Millbrae)

Guilin Noodles (Oakland, Chinatown)

(Shandong owner and/or food, with no direct nod to Korea)

Ark Chinese Restaurant (Alameda)
China Village (Albany, owner of Shandong heritage, Shandong dishes mainly by special order)
Great China (Berkeley)
Hung’s Kitchen (San Ramon)
Palace Chef (Fremont)
Shandong Deluxe (SF Parkside)
Shandong Restaurant (Oakland, Chinatown)
Tong Dumpling (Cupertino)
Tsing Tao (Campbell)
Xian Gourmet (SF Inner Richmond, dumpling maker is from Shandong)

(Shandong dishes with Hangul on the menu. All have black zha jiang mian)

Chef Wang (Millbrae)
Chef Yu (Oakland, Temescal)
China Way (Santa Clara)
Koryo Jajang (Oakland, Temescal)
Nak Kung (Santa Clara)
San Tung (SF Inner Sunset)
San Wang (SF Japantown)
Tong Soon Garden (Santa Clara)
Yu Yu Restaurant (Dublin)
Zazang Korean Noodle (SF Pacific Heights)

(Geographical usage here, but note that the terms "Mandarin Chinese" and "Northern Chinese" are sometimes used as all-inclusive terms to describe that which is not Cantonese or Cantonese-American. See also Shaanxi.)

= Beijing =
Beijing Duck House (Cupertino)
Beijing Restaurant (SF Excelsior)
Everyday Beijing (San Mateo)
House of Pancakes (SF Parkside)
Taste Good Beijing Cuisine (Milpitas)

= Islamic Chinese =
Chinjin Eastern House (West San Jose)
Darda (Fremont, Milpitas)
Ma's (Cupertino)
Old Mandarin (SF Outer Sunset)
Shinjin (San Jose)

= Inner Mongolia =
Little Sheep Hot Pot (Cupertino, Union City, SF Union Square, San Mateo)

= Tianjin =
Golden Garlic (San Jose)
House of Dumplings (Union City)
Tianjin Dumpling (Oakland, Chinatown, not a full service restaurant, just a window)

= Other Northern and Jiaozi (dumplings) (might actually be Shandong or Dongbei) =
China North Dumpling (SF Outer Sunset)
Dumpling Empire (South San Francisco)
iDumpling (Redwood City, chef from Beijing)
House of Xian Dumpling (SF Chinatown)
King of Noodle (SF Inner Sunset)
Kingdom of Dumpling (SF Parkside)
Michelle's Pancake House (Cupertino)
Panda Dumpling (San Carlos, Redwood City)
Town of Dumpling (San Mateo)
Xian Gourmet (SF Inner Richmond, dumpling maker is from Shandong)
Xiao Long Bao (SF Inner Richmond)

= House made bing =
(see http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/892914 )
Beijing Restaurant (SF Excelsior)
House of Pancakes (SF Parkside)
Michelle's Pancake House (Cupertino)

Bamboo Garden (Mountain View)
Bund Shanghai (SF Chinatown)
Dumpling Kitchen (SF Parkside)
Five Happiness (SF Inner Richmond)
Happy Cafe (San Mateo)
Jai Yun (SF Chinatown; the chef is from Nanjing and only offers a multi-course menu)
Lily's House (Lafayette)
Liou's House (Milpitas)
Little Shanghai (San Mateo)
Lulu's Kitchen (Concord)
Melin House (Milpitas)
North China (SF Inner Richmond)
Old Shanghai (SF Inner Richmond)
Panda Dumpling (San Carlos, Redwood City, Shanghainese chef with a few items)
Rice Valley (SF Sunnyside)
Sha Bistro (Fremont)
Shanghai Delight (Milpitas)
Shanghai Dim Sum (Cupertino)
Shanghai Ding Sheng Restaurant (Milpitas)
Shanghai Dumpling King (SF Outer Richmond and Sunnyside)
Shanghai Dumpling Shop (Millbrae) / Xiao Long Bao Kitchen (South San Francisco)
Shanghai Dumpling (Cupertino)
Shanghai Family Restaurant (Cupertino)
Shanghai Flavor (Fremont)
Shanghai Flavor Shop (Sunnyvale)
Shanghai Garden (Cupertino)
Shanghai House (SF Outer Richmond)
Shanghai Restaurant (Oakland, Chinatown)
Shanghai Winter Garden (Millbrae)
Su Hong (Palo Alto)
Top Noodle (Milpitas)

Ancient Szechuan (El Cerrito)
CBI Chili BBQ Icedtea (Milpitas)
Chengdu Style Restaurant (Berkeley)
Chef Zhao Bistro (Mountain View)
Chili Pot (Cupertino)
China Lounge (Pleasanton)
China Village (Albany)
Da Sichuan (Palo Alto)
Dongbei Mama (SF Inner Richmond)
Dragon Garden (Cupertino)
Fey Restaurant (Menlo Park)
Grand Hot Pot Lounge (SF Inner Richmond) / Hunan House (SF Chinatown)
Happy Sichuan Restaurant (Millbrae)
Little Sichuan (San Mateo)
Little Sichuan Restaurant (Newark)
Little Szechuan (SF North Beach)
Mandarin Garden (Berkeley)
Mama Ji's (SF Castro, dinner menu)
Mandarin Gourmet (Palo Alto, chef from Chengdu)
Pepper Bros (Newark)
Sichuan Chili (Sichuan, San Jose)
Sichuan Chong Qing Cuisine (San Mateo)
Sichuan Fortune House (Pleasant Hill)
Sichuan Fusion (Richmond)
Sichuan Home (SF Inner Richmond)
Sichuan House (Walnut Creek)
Sichuan Table (SF Outer Richmond)
South Legend Sichuan Restaurant (Milpitas)
Spicy Empire (San Mateo) / Spicy King (SF Chinatown, currently not open) / Szechuan Cuisine
Spicy Garden Restaurant (SoMa)
Uncle Cafe (SF Chinatown) / Newark Cafe (Newark)
Spicy Legend (SF Outer Richmond)
Spicy Town (Fremont)
Yi Ping ( San Ramon)
Yi Yuan (Millbrae)
Z&Y (SF Chinatown) / Chili House (SF Inner Richmond)

(see also bubble tea, shaved ice, and various Taiwanese bakeries and desserts)

Ai Noodle (Cupertino)
China Bee (San Mateo, Taiwanese)
Dragon Gate (Oakland Jack London Square)
Five Happiness (SF Inner Richmond)
Grand Harbor (Fremont)
Joy Restaurant (San Mateo)
Liou's House Chinese Restaurant (Milpitas)
Mama Chef (Santa Clara)
Mama Chen's Kitchen (Cupertino)
Southland Flavor Cafe (Cupertino)
Taste of Formosa (SF Outer Richmond)
Taiwan Bento (Taiwan, Oakland)
Taiwan Café (Milpitas)
Taiwan Restaurant (Berkeley)
Taiwan Restaurant (SF Inner Richmond)

= Sichuan/Taiwanese "military dependent's village cuisine" =
(See for reference this closed place http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/712585 )
Liang's Village Cuisine (Cupertino)

= Taiwanese Sichuan =
Spices / Spices II (SF Inner Richmond)
Spices Fremont (Fremont)
Spices III (Oakland)

== CANTONESE / GUANGDONG subsets and offshoots ==
See KK's Regional Cantonese primer at: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8102... . Some scattered Shunde and Zhongshan Cantonese dishes in Millbrae at Gourmet Village, The Kitchen, and Champagne restaurant (San Mateo/Millbrae) .

See also dim sum, Cantonese seafood, Chinese bakeries, Chinese BBQ or roast meats, wo choy, clay pot, banquet, congee / jook / porridge, Taishan / Toishan, Cha Chaan Teng, HK Cantonese, Hong Kong café, Hong Kong western cuisine, and restaurants Yum's Bistro and Cooking Papa.

= Teochew / Chiuchow / Chaozhou / Teo Chow / Chinjiew =
Menkee Wonton (SF Outer Sunset)
Teo Chew Noodle Shack (Fremont)
Ying Kee (Oakland Chinatown)

= Teochew etc. / Vietnamese =
Hai Ky Mi Gia (SF Tenderloin)
Lam Hoa Than (SF Outer Sunset)
San Sun (SF Chinatown)
Thai Nghiep Ky Mi Gia (SF Outer Sunset)
Thanh Ky (Oakland Eastlake)
VH Noodle (Richmond)
Vien Huong (Oakland Chinatown)

= Hakka =
Dragon river (SF Outer Richmond)
Hakka Restaurant (SF Outer Richmond)
Ton Kiang (SF Outer Richmond)

= Macanese =
T 28 (SF Parkside)

= Shunde =
Jade Garden (SF Outer Richmond)
Yum's Bistro (Fremont)

= Zhong Shan =
Zhong Shan Restaurant (SF Parkside)

== OTHER ==
(See also the rising availability of skewers & hot pot, and Chinese hybrid cuisines such as Peranakan / Nonya (Singapore / Malaysian Chinese) , Chifa (Peruvian Chinese) , and of course Chinese American (American Chinese, the elusive "NY Cantonese", Kosher Chinese, Chinese fusion) )

== Chinese Vegetarian (notables) ==
Jai Yun (SF Chinatown; the chef is from Nanjing and only offers a multi-course menu; vegetarian menu by special order)
Jyun Kang Vegetarian Restaurant (Ukiah, associated with Buddhist temple)
Sogo Tofu (San Jose, Taiwanese vegetarian, tons of freshly made take out items)

== Chinese Vegetarian ==
Enjoy Vegetarian (SF Chinatown; SF Inner Sunset; SF Outer Richmond)
Garden Fresh (Palo Alto, Mountain View)
Long Life Vegi House (Berkeley)
Loving Hut (Oakland Chinatown; SF Chinatown)
Lucky Creation (SF Chinatown; lots of take out gluten items by the pound-- great for a picnic)
Royal Greens Vegetarian (San Jose)
Shangri-La restaurant (SF Outer Sunset)

== Indian / Desi Chinese =
Chennai Club (San Mateo)
Red Hot Chilli Pepper (San Carlos)
Spice Kitchen (Newark)
Wang's Kitchen (Milpitas)

Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant
Shandong Deluxe
Terra Cotta Warrior
Thousand Tasty
Five Happiness
Sichuan Fusion
Su Zhe Eatery
Café Tibet
Tashi Delek Cuisine
Hunan Restaurant
Fashion Wok
Henry's Hunan
Henry's Hunan Restaurant
Hunan House
The Noodle Shop
Shan Dong
Tong Dumpling
San Tung
San Wang Restaurant
Tong Soon Garden
Zazang Korean Noodles
Beijing Restaurant
Taste Good Beijing Cuisine—Milpitas
Darda Seafood
Ma's Restaurant
Ma's Dimsum & Cafe
Golden Garlic
House of Dumplings 水餃之家
House Of Xian Dumpling
Dumpling Empire
Kingdom Of Dumpling
Little Shanghai Restaurant
Shanghai Flavor
Shanghai Garden
Shanghai Garden 中国小馆
Chef Zhao Bistro
China Lounge Restaurant & Bar
Da Sichuan Bistro
FEY Restaurant
Mama Ji's
Sichuan Chong Qing Cuisine
Sichuan Fortune House
Sichuan Home
Sichuan House
Spicy Empire
Chili House SF
Grand Harbor Seafood and Dimsum Restaurant
Joy Restaurant
Southland Flavor Cafe
Taiwan Bento
Spices Fremont 土匪湘菜
Yum's Bistro(知味馆)
Teo Chow Noodle Shack
Menkee Wonton
Thai Nghiep Ky Mi Gia
Vien Huong Restaurant
Hakka Restaurant
Jade Garden
Zhong Shan Hakka Restaurant
Enjoy Vegetarian
Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant
The Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant
Red Hot Chilli Pepper
Mandarin Garden
OK Noodle
Ark Chinese Restaurant
Dong Bei Mama
Chili Garden
Classic Guilin Rice Noodles
Chef Wang's Restaurant
Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant
I Dumpling
King of Noodles
Panda Dumpling
Town of Dumpling
Xiao Long Bao
Jai Yun
Old Shanghai Restaurant
Shanghai Delight
Shanghai Dumpling King
Shanghai Dumpling Shop
Shanghai Family Restaurant
Shanghai Flavor Shop 上海生煎包
Z & Y Restaurant
Taiwan Cafe
Taiwan Restaurant
Spices 3 辣妹子
Champagne Seafood Restaurant
Ying Kee Restaurant
Hai Ky Mi Gia
Lam Hoa Thuan
Thanh Ky Restaurant
Dragon River Restaurant
T - 28 Bakery & Cafe
Imperial Tea Court
Tsing Tao Restaurant
Little Sichuan Restaurant
Garden Fresh
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