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Red Strips at Taco Bell


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Red Strips at Taco Bell

chefkk | Sep 4, 2007 03:52 PM

Recently on a family trip, we found ouselves at the Taco bell drive - thru.
Only our second visit, we did not have a bad experience last time, okay we were famished... the 99 cent chicken wrap thing with ranch dressing was'nt too bad.
We asked a lot of questions, and I ordered a chicken salad bowl.
The woman kept asking if I wanted " red strips " since I told her to hold the beans.

" Red strips " were not red bell peppers that I thought they would be but
red died and thin cut tortilla strips !
They did add some crunch, but .....

What do you guys think of the chicken ?
It kind of has the texture & flavor of pressed chicken served on airlines...
what exactly is it ??

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