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Recommend Japanese waterstones f/ a beginner

boyardee | May 5, 201210:18 AM

Hi all. First post. I'm a single guy who likes to cook... simple meals mostly. A couple years ago I was bitten by the "knife bug" and bought 4 good quality Japanese knives. I also bought a Spyderco Sharpmaker and a strop (I got a terrific one, handcrafted in the USA. Check it out at stropman.com... no affiliation, just a satisfied customer)

I'm now at the point where I'd like to learn to sharpen freehand with waterstones. Now to be clear, I'm not looking to chase the forever elusive "perfect edge." I just want some basic bang-for-buck stones that will do a good job of sharpening... Hopefully I could get by with 3 of them... ones that don't require long soak-times. "Splash & go" is enticing, but I'm open to all recommendations. Also, I suppose I'm going to be needing a flattening stone as well, so I'd like your thoughts regarding that.


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