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REAL eggrolls in Sacramento?


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REAL eggrolls in Sacramento?

jerryd916 | Dec 20, 2007 12:45 PM

One thing I've noticed since moving to CA is that almost all of the Chinese restaurants have stopped making eggrolls. Oh sure, they still have sonmething called "eggrolls" on their menus, but the ones here out West don't taste anything like the ones I've had in other parts of the US. It seems to me that in order to cater to the more "health-conscious" Californians (I use the term health-conscious EXTREMELY loosely here), they have all stopped making their eggrolls with the traditional eggroll wrappers (sheets of dough made of wheat flour, like won-tons) and now use the supposedly "lighter" rice-paper wrappings. To me, this is not an eggroll, but a springroll, and I have nothing against springrolls. I have been known to order springrolls on occasion. But what I usually want is the thicker, slighly chewier texture the won-ton-type wrapper gives to a real eggroll. It seems to make no difference to the staff at any Chinese restaurant I go to here in CA, they always say they are made with flour wrappers, so I am fooled into ordering them, only to be disappointed by getting a plate of springrolls instead. I have never run into any staff at any Chinese restaurant that seems to know the difference.
I may be splitting hairs to some people, but this issue is important to me. I have gone so far as to make my own eggrolls (which ROCK, by the way!), but they are a whole lot of work, and it would be nice to have a place I could stop by after work for a light dinner of real eggrolls. Has anybody run into any Chinese restaurant in Sac that still serves real eggrolls? The only place I've found is Jack-in-the-Box, a place I go to only as a last resort.

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