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please read what my crazy restaurant wants to implement

bookworm977 | Aug 26, 201110:42 PM

I work at a fine dining steakhouse which used to use trays to serve food. Our manager has decided that we are going to serve the food in the "classic steakhouse style," in which we do not use any trays. I think he means the kind in which a server will hold one plate in each hand, followed by however more needed servers, and put the food in front of everyone all at once. Sounds great, but we have a staff of five servers, one busboy, no food runners, and an expo who also delivers room service trays to the attached hotel, all for a restaurant which has 30 tables not including large private rooms. Management will not allow us to hire more people. Each server has a section of ~8 tables. We are expected to serve in this style with a total of 6 people on the dining room floor. For 30 tables. We end up piling dishes up our arms. We have to make multiple trips to and from to the kitchen to get a whole table served. We are not allowed to use a tray to bus the table either, so it takes multiple trips to clear the table instead of having the table cleared all at once. So please tell me your opinion. Which would you prefer, me using a tray or serving you with the dishes on my arms. Oh, and the sides are served on a separate plate from the entree.
So far (for two days) it has been fine because we were slow. I;m concerned about when we have a busy night though. What do you think?

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