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RAMBLING QUERY: Define better/best popcorn.


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RAMBLING QUERY: Define better/best popcorn.

mirror | Jul 31, 2004 05:43 PM

How would you suggest popcorn be made and rated?

Is it an "American" food, best enjoyed fresh, best when prepared with heavy skillets or industrial tools, and best when topped with real butter?

Or would your criteria differ? And what of the kernels?

Home pans get hot enough. Don't they? Popcorn does not require a Peter Luger 1500 degree oven. And you can buy your own peanut oil or cottonseed oil.

So, how do you make your best popcorn? And when you eat it out, how do you judge it against yours?

(I say use peanut oil to pop the kernels, then salt them. Or you can add unsalted butter and salt to the kernels. If you don't want butter and salt, hot peanut oil tastes great over the kernels.)

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