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Raisin varieties?

greygarious | Sep 24, 200907:30 PM

I love golden raisins (a.k.a. sultanas) but dislike regular dark raisins, just as I dislike red wine because of the tannins. I tried Trader Joe's raisin mix that contains ones made with red grapes, I think - I ate those (and the sultanas) and weeded out the dark ones. I once bought Zante currants thinking they were the same fruit as red currants, but they are a small grape and I was disappointed. In a local Asian market I bought a bag of golden raisins that were almost as small as the Zantes; they were very sweet but I liked them. I put them into a glass jar and tossed the packaging so by the time I tasted them I could no longer find out what they were called and where they were grown.

Are there any other raisin varieties sold in New England?

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