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Rabbit Help?

HaagenDazs | Nov 7, 2006 03:38 PM

I bought a frozen rabbit recently at Buford Highway Farmer's Market here in Atlanta. Unfortunately the rabbit tasted a bit funny, it was almost metallic. I just did a regular braise in a Le Crueset pot, so I'm certain the chef or the pan wasn't the problem. I don't think it was rancid, but it may have been frozen for too long and developed an off flavor. It could also be that it was just a cheap rabbit and the quality wasn't up to my usual standards! ;-)

Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Is this a common thing? Can I soak it in something (maybe milk) to leech out any funky flavors? I love rabbit, and I love the cheap prices at this store but maybe I'll be forced to buy the more expensive Whole Foods rabbit.

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