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twentyoystahs | Sep 7, 201602:38 PM     8

So......coming from Boston with some friends for a big birthday celebration in October. (Hi Blumie -- didn't you used to be a Bostonian? I remember you from our board long ago, would love if you could weigh in!)

New Orleans is probably my favorite American city and I'm coming to have some great meals, and just generally explore and enjoy the city.

I've always wanted to do the Galatoire's Friday lunch; I know it's a New Orleans institution and for once I'll be there all day on a Friday so it's doable. My question:

I know I need to wait in line. I'm fine with getting there around 10-10:30 but do I really need to get there at the crack of dawn? If so, I know there's a network of "line waiters" --- how can I find one? Any locals want to help me out? Should I call Galatoire's (as I read that many of the folks are Galatoire staff/friends/family etc) or will they laugh at me? I need a table for a party of 5 or 6.

Other meals:
I'd love to do Commander's Palace. I know it's a big touristy production, but I also know it's good and a New Orleans classic -- and along the lines of "something you want to do once" in New Orleans. Looks like brunch is the way to go? I have a reservation on Sunday at 12:30. Don't need to keep it but right now it's the only one on the books.

I also have Clancy's and Brigsten's, Herbsaint and Coquette on my list. I've been to Coquette and liked it, so that one may not happen just 'cause I'd like to try new spots.. I know if we end up having Friday lunch at Galatoire's and brunch at Commanders on Sunday, we'll probably still be full around dinner time and I know that all these restaurants have a similar style of food. So.....any recs on which to keep/not keep/ rearrange? I'm not adverse to blowing off the Galatoire's lunch if it's really going to be a big deal/difficult to get in and then doing dinners/lunches at other places. Plus I would like to go to places that work well with a larger group (we aren't THAT large, just 6 ppl, but still...) Festive, lots of good energy, etc.

Would love some casual lunch recs too. Classic po' boy, Parkway, right? Maybe Coop's? Loved that last time.

Bottom line is I am totally flexible. I'd like one festive celebratory meal and I think that'll be Commander's. I'm not into over-the-top French cuisine, I like simple, classic, local ingredients. So places like August are out.

Thanks for any help/suggestions/ ideas you can offer.


Galatoire's 33 Bar & Steak
Commander's Palace
Clancy's Restaurant
Coop's Place
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