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Question: What are your favorite tools for tracking restaurants you want to eat at?


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Question: What are your favorite tools for tracking restaurants you want to eat at?

albertc44 | Feb 20, 2012 02:17 PM

Hi mighty CHers, I am curious what applications people use to track their favorite restaurants they WANT TO EAT AT. This is an age-old problem that I have faced and after talking with a couple foodie friends, have realized there is no real good solution out there. Here is how I break down the problem:

Current solution: People read something on, a popular foodie blog, or what have you, and add that restaurant to a Google spreadsheet, a Word document, or as a note on their notepad app on their phones. The beauty about Google spreadsheets is that you can share it with your friends and add as many columns of data as you want.

Better solutions: A few of my more technologically-advanced friends use things like Yelp Bookmarks to track the restaurants they want to eat at after reading a review about a given restaurant, for instance. I did this for a while but then the list got too long and I couldn't easily search for a restaurant. I also have friends who use the To-Do lists on FourSquare, but this is highly dependent on their friends also using the To-Do lists (only my friends from SF use FourSquare To-Do lists, interestingly). Finally, there are all these cool apps in the app store like Matchbook that let you quickly add your favorite places (not just restaurants) to help you remember where you want to go.

What features do you like about Yelp, Foursquare, etc. that let you manage the list of restaurants you want to try? I want to find a good solution that allows me to maintain a list, share it with friends easily, and make it easy to add on the fly. Thanks!

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