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Quality Of Lodge Cast Iron

Ward Cleaver | Dec 29, 200909:32 AM

I have a Griswold #8 cast iron Dutch Oven that I bought off of eBay a few years ago, and it's by far my favorite pot to cook in.
However, for soups and stews for the family it's just a little too small, so I need to also get a larger one...probably 10 quarts.
The price of Griswold has gone up a lot on eBay since I bought mine (I paid $60 for it, in excellent condition 3 years ago) so I'm thinking about getting a Lodge.

However, I came across the following site while searching the internet...


And they state the following concerning Lodge cast iron...

"Note: Lodge items do not have perfectly flat bottoms, so we cannot recommend them for use on glass top stoves."

I have a glass top stove and my Griswold lays perfectly flat on it (as do my Griswold and Erie cast iron frying pans).
Am I to assume that Lodge is substandard quality?
I would hate to buy a Lodge Dutch Oven and have it wobble on the stove because it's cast poorly and has an uneven bottom.

Any suggestions or comments?


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