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ErstwhileEditor | Oct 19, 2002 04:52 PM

I have gone to Qingdao numerous times now, because my daughter has decided she NEEDS their idiosyncratic Peking Noodles every week. Someday I will have to try a bowl of them myself instead of satisfying myself with the peas and diced mushrooms that she rejects. Here are some of my annotations:

Crab Rangoon. I'm not really into them, and, in fact, only tried them for the first time recently at Shangri-La. These were just good, not excellent.

Peking ravioli. Decent. They don't stand out above other versions.

Egg roll. I thought this was relatively good, but I am not a great consumer of egg rolls. My daughter did not like them.

Chicken wings. Good, although not as good as Yangtze River's, which are my favorites.

Chicken Fingers. Too much dough.

Boneless spareribs. Tough and dry. Shangri-La's are more succulent.

Beef teriyaki. I only had a nibble, but it seemed to be good.

Fried shrimp. Too much dough.

Hot and Sour Soup. Not great.

General Gau's Chicken. Good. Mostly sweet. I don't like the texture of the chicken though. (IIRC, it is the same texture as Shangri-La's.) Comes with broccoli.

Orange Flavored Chicken. Very good. The sauce is much nicer than the preceding one. Chicken has the same sort-of tough texture though.

Orange Flavored Beef. Very good. Can someone tell me how well the beef is cooked? Is it pretty uncooked, or is it tender because it is a very fatty cut--or both?

Lemon Chicken. EXTREMELY sweet! And surprisingly these were breaded filets (?) of chicken, and not hunks. I ended up cutting up the lemon garnish to cut the sweetness. If I EVER have this again. I will bring a lemon with me. S.W.E.E.T.

Moo Shi Vegetables. Decent but not exquisite.

Yu Hisang [sic] Eggplant. Surprisingly sweet. Pretty good once you get over that shock. Lots of scallions and onions and peppers. Some woodears and water chestnuts.

Ma Poo [si] Bean Curd. Okay. Their version does not contain any meat. Also I like a little bit more nuance in the sauce.

Hot & Spicy String Bean. Good, but does not contain any pork or preserved vegetable.

Broccoli with Oyster Sauce. Good, but do not expect a thick sauce. Rather plain.

Vegetarian Leek Dumpling. Interesting when you are in the mood for leeks. Too bad they won't do a dumpling combo. I DID ask.

Scallion pancake. Okay, but I won't get it again.

Leek Pie. A large, flat semicircle of fried dough stuffed with the same mixture that goes into the dumplings (essentially leek and a bit of bean thread).

Peking Meat Sauce Noodles. Very idiosyncratic. My daughter loves them. The noodles are topped with ground meat, peas, very finely diced 5-spice tofu, very finely diced black mushroom, diced cucumber, some chinese green--and sauce, of course.

Sweet & Sour Cucumber. Pretty good. Doesn't taste like the cukes have macerated for very long though.

Spinach Salad. Nice. Cooked spinach with egg and very finely shredded carrot in a mustard sauce.

Soy bean milk. Okay. Not the best I've had.

Guess that's it.

Erstwhile Editor

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