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putting old food magazines to work


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putting old food magazines to work

mdibiaso | Oct 4, 2004 12:43 PM

I have many issues of old food magazines lying around. Many of which I never cooked anything from although I enjoyed reading them. I started a few weeks ago (with a Swedish mag Allt om Mat) recycling these. I do this by giving a magazine, starting with the oldest one, to my wife and let her choose one recipe that she would like to try and I cook that during the week.

It adds variety to our meals and makes it feel like the mags are useful not just dust gatherers on the kitchen shelves. And it is great fun to read the old mags, especially the advertisements and to see how cooking styles have changed so much in Sweden the past 10 years. This way I can get though about 4 years of mags in 1 year. Figure in about 5 years I will be caught up with the various magazines I have lying about, especially if I can start turning them around in 5 days instead of 1 week.

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