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Help with price points and ordering [Tokyo] (Nodaiwa, Narutomi, Souten)

Rio Yeti | Mar 14, 201204:44 AM


Continuing my previous post (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/829532), I am stumbling unto a bit of confusion regarding 3 restaurants...

Nodaiwa (Unagi) : The prices on their menu (http://www.nodaiwa.co.jp/oryouri.html) range from 4,500円 to 15,750円. However Google Translate (although being very poetic) is not much help for understanding the difference between the 6 unagi meals ranging between those prices. What is the "standard/traditional" dish I should order ? What is the difference between the 3 first ones (彩りコース 4,500円 - 鰻丼コース 5,800円 - 鰻三楽コース 6,200円). I will not splurge on this restaurant, but I don't want to feel I didn't order what I should have...

Narutomi (Soba) : If I got it right, their prices start at 1,000 for lunch and 3,000 for dinner... can someone confirm this ? The menu on their website (http://narutomi-soba.net/) is confusing and untranslatable by Google... so if someone could be so kind to advise me on what and how to order.

Souten (Yakitori) : They seem to have 2 prix-fixe menus (http://www.kaze-w.jp/souten/newpage8....), one at 3,150 and the other at 5,250... But bento.com says the budget is around Y6000-7000 for dinner with drinks. Unfortunately (and although I plan on learning as much Japanese as I can before my trip in September) I will probably have to go with the prix-fixe menus for lack of communication skills. Can someone confirm to me that I got the 2 menus prices right, and also if the difference between the 2 menus is only in quantity or is it something else ?

Thank you all for your help, both in my previous post and on all the chowhound board, I'm narrowing down all the restaurants I want to go to, thanks to you.

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