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Pressure cooker: Chicken: what did I do wrong?


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Pressure cooker: Chicken: what did I do wrong?

mike2401 | Jan 30, 2013 04:50 AM

I cooked 2 large chicken breasts (bone in), along with 4 small drumsticks. Total weight: 2.8 pounds.

I set the dial to #2 (high) (15 PSI)

I added 2 cups of water, brought up to pressure (the yellow rod pops up on my Fagor Duo), I kept the heat up until lots of steam came out the top of the handle/valve area, then I dialed the head down to medium on my gas stove.

Wisps of steam continues to come out during the 18 minutes, and the rod stayed up (indicating it was still at pressure).

When I turned the dial to release the steam, no steam came out. My instant-read thermometer read only 138 degrees in the chicken breast.

This is the 2nd time I've used the new pressure cooker. Last night, steam did release from the butter-nut squash when I turned the dial to release. So, it sounds like my chicken lost pressure, and perhaps it was just boiling on medium? There was no leakage from around the gasket. There was still plenty of water in the pot so it didn't run dry.

Any thoughts or tips would be very much appreciated,


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