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preparing for SNOW!?! [moved from Home Cooking board]


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preparing for SNOW!?! [moved from Home Cooking board]

kseiverd | Jan 24, 2013 02:38 PM

We RARELY get more than PITA amounts of snow here in NJ... tho have had a few that proved inconvenient... semi- stranded in cul de sac for... maybe 24 hours?!?

Snow in forecast for late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. I DID get gas tank filled... but warning light came on... DUH!?!

My prepartions include a mental check list... toilet paper, cat food/litter, coffee (though wouldn't DIE without it) and some GOOD stuff to cook/eat. Have a rack of baby back ribs, rubbed down and will be ready for a low/slow time in over in a few hours. Bought some nice shrimp to snack on. DID see people in normal "panic mode"... LOTS of bread, milk, eggs in carts.

OH... accumulation? Saying MAYBE 1-3"!?!

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