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Potluck-style I being rude or reasonable?


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Potluck-style I being rude or reasonable?

Das Ubergeek | Nov 9, 2005 12:48 AM

Due to some unfortunate circumstances requiring some last-minute changes in plans, we are hosting my wife's (very low-key and laid back) family for Thanksgiving this year. That's 36 hungry people.

I have a very small kitchen with a normal-size stove (four burners) and oven (big enough for a turkey and maybe a couple of casserole dishes). We have a gas grill outside that is fine for keeping things warm and even has a burner on it. We live in Los Angeles so the weather will probably co-operate.

Because my kitchen is so limited, I really can only cope with the basics -- turkey, potatoes, gravy, and pies which I can bake ahead. Maybe some veggies.

So I talked to my mother-in-law and she suggested we have a potluck-style Thanksgiving, where we ask each group to bring a dish -- Aunt Mary to bring yams, Aunt Vi to bring green-bean hotdish, Uncle Lou the bachelor to scrounge up some dinner rolls, etc.

I think it's a fine idea. My wife, however, is scandalised and in point of fact had a nice screaming fit at her mother. We overruled her, simply because otherwise we're going to have the most boring Thanksgiving dinner ever, and most of the relatives seem fine with it, though we did get a couple of raised eyebrows before we explained the situation.

Obviously, if I had the resources to do it, I'd host the whole thing myself -- I even asked my nexdoorsikeh if they were going to be in town for the holiday and if they'd mind if we used their kitchen if they weren't (unfortunately they also are hosting).

Do I suck?

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