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Potluck Neophyte - how to cook/hold entree for a four hour wait before serving?


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Potluck Neophyte - how to cook/hold entree for a four hour wait before serving?

Sherri | Dec 11, 2010 02:37 PM

I confess to not being a potluck fan and have avoided them when at all possible. I have never found a plate containing a mishmash of food appealing; sweet-sour pork nestled cheek-to-jowl with eggplant Parm, tuna-noodle and ham rolls is not my idea of dinner.
[I lovelovelove a Southern Maryland church supper featuring fried oysters and St. Mary's County stuffed ham but that is a topic for another post. It is the upcoming event which has me flummoxed.]

NEVERTHELESS (as the tagline of an old joke states), there are times when potlucks are a necessary evil. Tomorrow is one of those times. Supper will be served at about 6 PM; I must leave the house by 2 PM with my offering in hand. It's a generic casserole-y thing, pseudo-chicken enchiladas.

Par-cook and re-heat on site?
Try to keep it warm for the whole time?
Toss the whole thing in a CrockPot and try not to look at it? (because it will look like cat sick)
Drop it on the sidewalk and apologize profusely?

Since there will be multiple offerings, it is reasonable to assume the home kitchen's single oven will be fully utilized so I don't want to be a hog. Is there a potluck etiquette? I am woefully ignorant on this topic.

NB: I was specifically asked to bring a hot main course so there was no weasling about a room temp app. platter or obliging room temp dessert.

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