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Post your families Christmas menu...... [moved from General Chowhounding]


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Post your families Christmas menu...... [moved from General Chowhounding]

Dio di Romanese | Dec 1, 2006 08:29 PM

I know what your thinking its way too early for this type of topic but this IS my favorite time of year and im going to savor everyday, if anyone has any questions or want to know the recipes of the food just ask

Christmas Eve:

Baccala salad

Antipasti platter(roasted peppers,sardines,burrata,green beans,sauted mushrooms,etc)

Stuffed artichokes

Sole or cod with a pistachio butter/cream sauce

Stuffed roasted red peppers alla palumbo with scollops

Lobster with Fettucine(my favorite)

Borreti spaghetti(my aunts concoction with tomatoes in a grana padano and romano cheese sauce with other spices, always served over elbows or conchiclie)

Zuppa di Mussels

Ziti arrabiata Palumbo style

Gnocchi in baked in butter sauce

Christmas Day:

Turkey soup

lemon, roasted red pepper,and plain houmous using syrian bread

Artichoke dip using fried syrian bread

Baked and raw kibee


Bone-in prime rib

Green bean casserole

mashed potatoes

crespelli's(fried ricotta and anchovy fritters that you dip in a hamburg and pea marinara)

Baked Ziti(my mom does it differently than most she uses braided mozzarella, her bragiole(meat sauce), and little veal meatballs)

All of this is thanks to my Mother, sisters, and aunts. I make just one of the above. On christmas eve my mothers family comes over thats the italian side and on that day its more of a buffet. Then christmas day my fathers family comes over thats my Lebanese side and we sit down and eat.

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