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What popular restaurant foods are better now and/or worse?


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What popular restaurant foods are better now and/or worse?

Flynn | Apr 10, 2003 02:46 PM

When I get hooked on a certain food or dish, it ultimately turns out that other people may like it too and it gets over-popular and the preparation becomes mediocre. For instance:

Bad or mediocre:
Pizza - too many 'original' pizza parlors with bad pizza.
Tirimisu - so many different versions that don't even contain basic ingredients like Marsala wine, marscarpone cheese, ladyfingers. I've had some that taste like bad Twinkies.
Sesame Noodles - loved them when I originally had them. Now they're free giveaways at takeout places where they taste like they were soaked in watery peanut butter.
Hamburgers - so many restaurants pre-cook them. No taste, no flavor.
Chicken Pot Pie - used to love this dish when it was baked in a casserole with a nice golden outside crust. Now it's served in a gloppy mess with a cold biscuit on top of the watery chicken.
Fried Calamari: used to love this appetizer, bar food, but now they're purchased pre-frozen and taste like rubber bands.

French fries: I stopped eating them because too many were bought pre-frozen and then refried. When the thinner Belgian Frites and hanger steaks with frites became popular, restaurants started trying harder again.
Chinese food: thanks to so many people from various regions that have immigrated to the US, we got past chow mein and chop suey ages ago.
Comfort foods - many creative chefs have introduced new updated versions of meat loaf, fried chicken, short ribs, that everything old is new again.
Pasta - so many creative choices with interesting ingredients. Long live pasta!

What are other 'hounds choices for better or worse?

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