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Oh help, pomegranite molasses


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Oh help, pomegranite molasses

rworange | Mar 10, 2006 12:00 AM

Somewhere in some forgotten post someone was looking for pompegranite molasses ... I thought ... and when I googled for more information, there was a zillion mentions of how healthy it was. So I stored this info in the back of my little brain.

Anyway, today ... I come face to face with a bottle of pomegranite molasses ... so I buy it ... I get home .. I goggle ... uh ... just not finding the same info. So maybe it wasn't pomegranite molasses.

Anyway, what can I do with this stuff that is SIMPLE ... please, simple ... vinagrette is as intense I get as far as cooking ... I can drizzle ... what do I drizzle it on.

What about beverages using it? Cook's Thesaurus says it can be used in Seltzer water. I can do that.

I did find a recipe for a martini using pomegranite molasses, however I think that might negate the health benefits.

Any ideas, except bringing the bottle back for a refund?

Link: http://www.foodsubs.com/SyrupsFruit.html

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