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Plugra - yea or nay


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Plugra - yea or nay

Terrie | Jan 24, 2002 12:39 AM

Someone on another message board was kind enough to mention that the price of Plugra butter was incredibly inexpensive at Trader Joe's. Another kind poster added his input warning people that hadn't tasted Plugra before to buy just a little at first - he had found that he didn't really like the taste.

I hadn't invested in Plugra before, but was happy to try it at this price ($2.99/lb). And now I'm VERY happy to have tried it - I love it. I have cooked with it and appreciate the lack of water in it, and spread it plain on bread and toast and find it terrific and better than any butter I've had before.

But, my boyfriend, without having been told that there was anything new and different about the butter I served with his bread tonight, asked straight out "what's with this butter?" He didn't like it at all. His comment was that it had an "oily" aftertaste. I can see where his perception comes from - he's used to salted supermarked brands of butter. But, I still thought he would find this butter "better." He didn't. Nor did the poster on the other message board, even though this guy appears to be rather "elite" in his tastes (and took a bit of flack for not thinking that this butter was "IT" from the other foodies).

I'm wondering if any of you have opinions on the subject.

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